Born May 29th 1988 to Chaplain (COL) Clarke L. McGriff and Susan J. McGriff, Grace-C is the only girl and the youngest of four. She recalls her life always having involved music. Since a young age Grace-C knew that music is where her passion was, and she has always wanted to follow her dreams in doing what she truly loves. Grace-C McGriff is now a 22 year old Graduate of Bethune-Cookman University. With a bachelor of arts in Music Technology, Grace-C now attends Full Sail University for graduate school. She is working on a Master of Science degree in Entertainment Business. A songwriter/singer/producer/vocal arranger/ dancer/ actress, Grace-C is an overall performer. She intends to use all of the talents that God has graciously blessed her with to do whatever His will may be for her life, and is excited to see just what God has in store for her life, as she is about to embark on a new chapter of life. Grace-C eventually plans to become CEO, AKA “Boss Lady” of her very own music corporation and provide an opportunity for others to fulfill their musical dreams. Being a proud “Military BRAT”, Grace-C has lived around the world and her entire life has been surrounded by music of immensely different genres, her musical style exudes that variety. She would like to thank her family and friends for their love, strength and continuous support, in helping her make it to this point thus far. To God be ALL the Glory!!!!