The Gerry Williams Band

It is without a doubt that if you are a musician and live anywhere near the central parts of the state of Florida then the Annual Florida music Festival is a MUST for you! The event takes place every spring and surely is one of the most inspiring and wonderful music spectacles to attend. If you have been following my blog for a little while then you may remember that I made a post a few months ago, advertising this event.  I actually submitted some of my work for the chance to be a part of the festival. I figured, why not? It would be a great opportunity for exposure in this area and I have yet to do anything of this caliber. Although I did not get chosen to perform at the event, Grammy U invited me to attend a special showcase that they hosted to kick-off the entire weekend of festivities. They sent me exclusive tickets in the mail, because I am a member of Grammy U.

Jubal's Kin

The event was last Wednesday at 8pm and was held at The Social located in downtown Orlando. It was a showcase/contest featuring the following acts: The Gerry Williams Band, The Gallery, Lovestruck Robot, Jubal’s Kin, inPassing, and Sylvia Emmerson. Each act got to perform two songs within 10 minutes. The judges were The Recording Academy officers, including Mr. Willie “Bum Bum” Baker (my industry mentor).  The prizes were a developmental deal worth $25,000, and great exposure.
I arrived at about 7:15 pm and The Social was already filling up quickly with friends, families and fans of all of the acts. The energy in the building was amazing and all the acts did a wonderful job. I knew it was going to be very tough for the judges to choose just one act. But they had to, so once every act had performed and the scores were tallied the decision was made.

Lovestruck Robot
Lovestruck Robot
The winner is……Lovestruck Robot! These guys were amazing, and I was jamming off of their song “I want to be in a band”. Their energy was great and had a whole lot of talent. Congratulations guys! I had a chance to speak with the guys after the show and I networked with them a little bit. They are very humble and nice people. I had a chance to talk with one of the judges after the show to ask him what they were judging the talent on. He said that the overall showmanship of Lovestruck Robot was one of the main things that caught his attention. They interacted with the fans and really put on an enjoyable show, not to mention they had talent out of this world.

Overall this showcase was a wonderful event, and I had a blast. And once again congrats to all of the performers for being chosen for this wonderful opportunity. HUGS, LUVS, and BLESSINGS from Above!
Random Dancing Robots!

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