(WARNING: Due to the sensitivity of the topic, the names of companies and individuals will remain anonymous)

Hello World, Grace-C here!
Today I wanted to discuss some topics that have been brought to my attention within the world of entertainment. I recently encountered a situation with an entertainment company, established out of Chicago, and an outsourced employee of theirs. The person that I interviewed for today’s blog posting is that employee.
            Before I get into the situation, let me give a little bit of the background pertaining to the issue. This employee was originally hired as an outsourced creative consultant for the company. The company is in the business of tour production and design for big named artists around the world. Initially the company hired this employee to come up with all of the creative ideas for the artist’s shows that would be totally innovative and new for audiences to see worldwide. And in return for his creative services, they would pay him for his time and efforts for the specific projects that he would work on.
            The entertainment company was very please with the work that this employee did, that they decided to hire him as the full time creative consultant to all the artists that they are contracted with. This employee now pitches his creative ideas directly to artists and managers that work with this entertainment company. The problem that had to be negotiated and dealt with was the issue of intellectual property. When I spoke with the employee about the status of the negotiation, he stated that this is an issue that has been discussed already, it is being negotiated at this very moment, and has yet to be resolved.

            Naturally the employee views his ideas as his intellectual property and that he should maintain ownership to all of his ideas. But his first few ideas, which have already been implemented into tours, have not been protected as his intellectual property and he is receiving no royalties from them. Instead the artists that pay for the idea, in essence, are buying him out of each idea and they are given ownership of the idea. The employee wants to negotiate this issue and figure out a way to work for the company while maintaining the rights to his intellectual properties.
            The topic that this negotiation can observe is the issue of leverage and power that the employee and company hold. Ultimately the employee that I interviewed has the greater power in this negotiation, because he is the one with the creative mind. He is definitely an asset to the company and the artists want his work. Although the negotiation is not final and is in the process of being worked out, I believe that the employee will come out of this negotiation a winner. Being in a creative field full of art and intellectual properties, I am more than certain that everyone will be understanding to the concern and need of this employee.
After the interview I thanked the employee, who will remain nameless, for their time and willingness to share about this sensitive topic. 
I hope this has been informative or enlightening in some way, shape or form.
Blessings Hugs, Luvs and Blessings from above!!!