Creativity. The very heart and soul of an artist generally lays in the creativity that they possess. The creativity is a very fragile and delicate characteristic of an artist. Creativity can be influenced by many exterior and interior happenings or surroundings of an artist and it should be handled with great care.
Being a songwriter I understand and respect the creative process and all that it entails. For many artists the creative process is not only their God-given gift but it is also their most cherished attribute. For the professional artist, their creative process is their lifeline and meal ticket to success.
I would say that most artists derive a lot of their work from personal and life experiences. Every artist has a very personal attachment to his or her work, to some extent. Whether they are a painter, a poet, a musician, a songwriter, or an actor, and all that fall into the category of being an artist, they are all able to pull this gift together and display it proudly as if the work has the equivalency of a child of theirs. This also is often the reason why many artist may have a tough time parting from their work, in cases where this may be the instance. It is without a doubt that artists relate to their works in some form or fashion, and that their everyday lives play a big part in shaping their masterpieces.
It is interesting to watch the chronological evolution of an artist’s work. If you take notice to the timeline and evolution of an artist throughout their career it may very well be parallel to the happenings of that artist’s life. The songs that I write usually have an underline meaning or relation to something that I have been through or experienced. As I have grown, so have my songs. They have grown in mind, body, and spirit alike. They can almost tell the listener the story of my life. Having taken heed to the development of my writing skills is also something that I am proud of. Comparatively the songs that I wrote in my younger years are not as mature as some of my songs today. I have been through more life experiences and naturally write from a more mature perspective.
So as an artist, it is imperative to become aware of the growth of your craft and continuously be honing your skill. You should be able to look back and tell a story of your life with examples of your work.

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