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Hello World It's me again, GRACE-C!! 

Are you a musician or an artist in the Orlando Area? Are you constantly looking for other avenues and more venues to showcase your gift and talent? Are you a music executive or manager that is wondering where all the fresh, up and coming talent is at, around this area? Well, come on out to Open Mic Nights at Full Sail University. Hosted by Full Sail’s on campus chapter organization of MEISA (Music and Entertainment Industry Student Association), the child organization to MEIEA (Music and Entertainment Industry Educators Association).

Full Sail’s MEISA hosts the event every third Thursday of the month. MEISA teams up with the University’s Show production, or “ShowPro”, students to bring together a state of the art, quality setting. The organization’s officers work very hard to make sure all who want to perform get a chance to perform.  The MEISA board runs a very smooth and successful show every month.

Obie and Lil Shawn Morning Show
Last Night MEISA had special guest hosts in the building. Obie and Lil Shawn, of the Obie and Lil Shawn Morning Show, which airs on Orlando’s Power 95.3FM radio station were great hosts and kept the crowd hype.  Many local artists and students of Full Sail University showed up and showed out. There were decent numbers in the crowd and the support was strong.
The artists that perform, range from all levels of experience, have so much talent, and cover a vast array of genres. Sean Lamar (Gospel/R&B), Ebonee’ (Hip-Hop), Jenna Christine (Country), Bobbie Ruffin (Soul/Jazz), Cali V (R&B), Clif Johnson (Instrumentalist), and myself, Grace-C (Pop) are among the regulars that you can catch at this event.

If you are interested in performing at an open mic night just come on out to the diesel bean café located on Full Sail University’s campus, on the third Thursday. Sign up is usually from 5;30- 6:30pm the day of the show, and the show starts at 7:00pm. Take it from me, someone that has performed a few times at this event, it is an awesome place for local talent to get together, perform and network with one another. And in Orlando, a city chalk full of talent, there’s no telling who you might meet. 

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