Britney Spears is coming out with a new album, Femme Fatal! (set for a March 29th release date). The album has been long anticipated since her last album, Circus was released in 2008. I must admit fans, and myself, alike are excited to see what she will have up her sleeve with this album, which is the 7th   album of her career. Her previous albums include: …Baby One More Time, Ooopps! ...I Did It Again, Britney, In the Zone, Blackout, and Circus.

She has been creating a lot of promotional hype by releasing snapshots and snippets of her new music video on websites. She has also been keeping fans updated by “tweeting” about the most recent events regarding her new album release. The official video premier “Hold it Against Me”, (1st single release from Femme Fatal) will premier Feb. 17, 2011 at 9:55 pm on MTV. Fans around the world are ecstatic about this career comeback after a short hiatus from the pop star. It should be a success.

Britney Spears is an artist that has been up, down, and drug through this industry that we love. Since her launch as a solo artist in 1997 we have truly watched Britney Spears transform throughout her career. She has definitely had a few rough moments that many people have a hard time forgetting about. She came onto the scene as an innocent teenager that developed into a young woman who often times pushed boundaries. Boundaries that many people would argue were ahead of her years. She got caught up in the fame and distractions that can influence any young artist in this industry, and for a while she was the headline of many outrageous news and paparazzi reports. It seemed like the scandals were going to get the best of her and had eaten her career alive! But Ms. Spears seems to be taking everything in stride; with the release of her new album approaching very fast, she seems to be doing very well for herself. She has several fragrances and a clothing line partnership with Candies, her sons are growing up healthy and strong, and she will be joining the 30+ club at the end of this year. This should be a strong and successful year for Britney.

Best Wishes to Ms. Spears and her team! Congratulations on the upcoming album release! HUGS and LUVS!

Sincerely, Gracecmac