Artist Development.
In the past there was usually a whole team that would dedicate themselves to the development of an artist or band. That team would consist of managers, handlers, producers, writers, stylists, promoters, media coaches, choreographers, and many others roles that were involved. Some people may not have realized the effort it took to create a star. There was a lot of planning, and many details that needed to be paid attention to. There were generally years of creative and image development that had been put into place, and the timing of release was a huge factor as well.  It was like raising a child, in some sense, preparing the artist so that when they were released into the Music industry world they would have an appeal that created and maintained a fan base. This development team would also prepare the artist well enough so that they would be able to handle certain situations that came along with the life style, such as interviews and how to interact with fans, reporters, paparazzi and other celebrities. The Artist Development department would in essence groom the artist to be exactly what they needed them to be, a selling and lasting product. They would find artists and acts that had the potential to be sold, key word potential. They would work with artists and be willing to help shape an artist for long lasting success.
I recently read an article that states the shifts that have happened in the department of Artist Development. Things have altered within record labels and have caused this department’s focus to change. Major labels are not as willing to work with raw artists and develop them into what can be sold. Now a days if you are an artist and you can not be put on the market immediately they are less willing to work with and develop you as a marketable act. Artist development is changing and it will be interesting to see what is in store for the future of this department.

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